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Hello, I'm christine And I can't Wait to Capture your
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I can spend hours looking at images, be it photographs, films or art, it moves and brings you to a different place, a different mood, a different time. I find it hard to explain it in words, words are not my forte. I have always loved the possibilities of visual storytelling but so much more when I lost my grandmother and found myself looking, quite often at photos where she was full of grins and laughter, it provided a glimpse into her cheeky personality in between the forgetfulness of dementia. Her photos always reminded me of our lunches in her kitchen where she would tell me stories about her life.

To be able to go back in time to a moment or a memory and feel all its liveliness. That’s what I strive for in my photographs, to create and to capture the small details, the big moments and in between magic where you’ll be able to look back and remember exactly how you felt that day. Love in all its fullness, happiness in all its belly-aching laughter and life in all its warmth and wonder.

 I want to create that for you, memories, yours to keep.


my photography style is

natural, warm and romantic

i believe the only way to photograph a wedding is as it is, raw and real, uninterrupted.

A little About Me

1. I grew up in the small town of Miri, on the island of Borneo, traveling has always been a big love of my life.

2. I love cacti and succulents but they don’t seem to like me, also maybe because I forget to water them.

3. I love desserts. Cakes, donuts, lemon meringue tarts, ice cream, chocolate. Anything sweet is my kryptonite. I like to have dessert before mains. I have a dessert problem help.

Ethan & Christine 564

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