Hello There

I'm Christine, a Perth based photographer. I have been documenting weddings for nearly nine years and each one just gets better. 

I can spend hours looking at photographs, it moves and brings you to a different place, a different mood and time. It’s hard to explain in words why I love what I do so much, but I’m sure you have seen a photograph, a movie or a video and thought to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to be there? that dance floor looks awesome!

that's what I strive for in my photographs, to create and capture moments and details where you'll be able to look back and remember 

gosh that was such an awesome day! 

the best thing is that these photos will always be there, memories, yours to keep.

Please get in touch and let's start talking:




End of March-Early April - Tokyo

September - Europe + Iceland

I would love to meet and photograph couples in love wherever you are. If you are eloping, having a backyard wedding or throwing a big party to celebrate LOVE, please get in touch and let's start talking over cake and donuts, it's the best way to start our friendship.

e: hello@christine-lim.com.au