2015 wrap up

2015. What happened?

I don’t know how the year went by so quickly. It was a busy year and I am so glad I have photos to reminisce on 😉

Looking back at the photos I have taken over the year, I was left speechless. I didn’t have a chance to sit back and take it all in till I decided to compile the photos for this 2015 wrap up post. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the shared love, laughter, desserts, coffee dates + friendships! I got to meet and photograph couples so in love i couldn’t stop snapping away, I have loved meeting new friends, hearing your stories and being able to share in your story. I ran away with a couple on their elopement (great way to celebrate my 30th birthday too), joined in the plotting of a backyard come-to-our-engagement-party surprise wedding, I also got to know that we have such a warm community of photographers through Camp Common Folk. It was the only ‘workshop’ I attended last year. It wasn’t so much as a sit-there-listen-and-absorb sort of workshop, it was more of a gathering of like minded creatives, sharing, standing by the bonfire, going on photo walks, feeding kangaroos, and just a great big hangout. It was great to know we have such a warm community of photographers, there to help each other out and learn from.

 2015 was a year of learning to slow down, to appreciate the blessings and great friendships all around + to just enjoy the simple things in life.

Thank YOU! I can’t thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart for the support, love + friendship! Each of you have made 2015 such a great year!

Here are a some highlights from 2015. Here’s to a New Year of more cake, wonderful company + great adventures!

Thank you for sharing your stories with me!