2014 wrap up

Wow 2014 was such a quick year, I feel like I was just dipping my foot into it, settling in and then pow, fireworks, 2015 is here yo! ;P

It was good busy year, and so rewarding in so many ways.

It was a year to be so very very grateful:

I got to meet beautiful couples who have so kindly shared their big day with me, I got to photograph their love, laughter and good tears. And my couples keep me going, they are great company reminding me each day why I love my job and that I am truly blessed to have this opportunity.

When I first started out doing photography, I was in a not so wonderful phase in life, and then I stumbled upon Jonas Peterson‘s blog and it was inspiring beyond words, it was raw and real. I finally got to attend Jonas’ Greatest Story workshop in January and he taught me so much more about storytelling, and keeping it simple, honest + real.

In February, my best friend, Ruby and I decided to take the jump to attend Raddest Photo Trip Ever in Cambodia. RPTE is organised by our favourite wedding photographer Bobby Earle whose work we have been following since 2007/2008 when we first picked up our digital slrs. Bobby’s love for his family and the people around him is contagious and is seen very evidently in his work.

RPTE was an eye opener, it was a whole new level of being inspired, and have taught me in so many ways, that photography + life, is not about me, it is always about the people – the people we meet, the people we are blessed to get to know, the people we spend time with, and the people we share the world with.

I finally got to meet more creatives in Perth and it was refreshing to hang out, hear their stories and to finally put a face to their creativity.

I hope that 2015 will be another year of great friendship, love + adventures.

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Thank you for sharing 2014 with me!

Happy New Year everyone xx